Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Jersey pimped sentenced to 18 years for human trafficking

A pimp known as "Prince" received an 18-year prison sentence today for leading a Jersey City prostitution ring built on human trafficking, sex slavery and illegal drug use, New Jersey Attorney General Paula T. Dow said.

For more than two decades, police say, Allen Brown lured girls into the sex trades with a mix of narcotics and, at times, pure coercion. The houses of prostitution he established in Jersey City were "stables" of strung-out girls, often locked into rooms and stripped of keys, cell phones and all forms of identity.

Brown, who in April pleaded guilty to racketeering and extortion, ran his operation with scores of girls he had brought from Camden, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and other communities.
“Allen Brown exploited vulnerable young women, imprisoning them in a life of prostitution and narcotics addiction,” said Dow.

“Now it is his turn to face prison, where he will not be able to harm any more women.”

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