Friday, November 13, 2009

Trafficker from Florida finally arrested after forcing girl into sex slavery

By Dennis Culver

A Bonita Springs man was arrested early this morning for human trafficking after he allegedly forced a juvenile to perform sex acts for money.

Juan Gomez Domingo, 23, allegedly brought the victim from Homestead to Bonita Springs with plans to marry her.

According to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report:

Investigators were contacted by Health Park Hospital in response to a pregnant juvenile in labor believed to be a victim of human trafficking.

When contacted by investigators, the victim became very emotional and said she had entered the United States three years ago illegally by crossing the Mexican border.

She then traveled to Homestead where she expected to begin work at a nursery but was told she had to perform sexual acts to pay the fee she owed the smugglers.

She told investigators she was forced to have sex with three managers of the nursery for five months.

Domingo, who was from the same hometown as the victim, knew about the girl’s situation, contacted the victim’s mother and told her he would get the girl out of the situation and marry her, if she would allow it.

Domingo then allegedly took the victim to Bonita Springs.

Once in Bonita Springs, the victim was taken to various places in the area to have sex for money.

After she became pregnant and had a child, Gomez allegedly became upset the child was not his and allegedly began to physically and emotionally abuse her.

He threatened to kick her and her child out of the residence if she didn’t work as a prostitute to help pay the rent.

The victim continued to work as a prostitute in various brothels in Bonita Springs.

There were several other unidentified women involved in bringing the girl to various locations to perform sex acts for money.

Domingo is facing one felony count of forced labor or services by human trafficking and remains in custody at the Lee County Jail.

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